Dear Friends,

Come, go up to the mountain of the Lord! Such is the invitation that I am addressing to you since the sanctuary of Notre Dame of Thierenbach. You will summarily discover it through this Internet site. And you are already involved here towards this place of God, towards this site which he chose to draw up his tent among us and therefore allow any man a more direct meeting with him. Obviously, the presence of God is by no means specific to only one place. And yet, in Thierenbach, he expresses its presence with an unusual force, pushing you to spontaneously approach him.
By a decree of nature, skies and ground, trees and flowers are singing the Creator there. By a decree of God, the faith of the pilgrim is continuing to shape this place marked by the prayers and irrigated by the tears of the suffering and those of the joy.
Since more than one millennium, the conscience of the faithful is expressed more strongly than elsewhere in this holy place on which Marie, mother of Christ and mother of the humanity, is watching over. That Notre Dame of Thierenbach leads your steps of net surfers to his Son. Its luminous presence radiates from Thierenbach "by inviting every one to recognize Jesus Christ and to answer him like the largest sign of Godís love for humanity". Your visit of this important place of the faith will mark it with your print. And more than just a memory, it will become a joyful and even spiritual experiment. I wish it ardently.
                                                       Patrick Koehler, recteur.